Distracted Driving Causes Accidents

Distracted driving is something we all need to be aware of, especially at this time of the year. Seems like it should go without saying that drivers need to pay attention to the road, rather than to allow themselves to be distracted on the roadway by technology or any other distractions in their car while operating a motor vehicle - a lethal weapon if not keep under proper control. Everyone knows that using the cell phone is the biggest culprit of distracted driving and most often the cause of accidents.

Distracted driving is becoming an epidemic around the country. We need to emphasize awareness of distracted driving and encourage lawmakers and car manufacturers to impose safer regulations to make the roads safer for everyone. Although texting is a primary facilitator of distracted driving, car technology is also responsible for accidents caused by distracted driving.

It should not be hard to believe that there is a bigger likelihood that drivers who text while they are driving veer out of their own lanes significantly more often than drivers who don’t text and drive. This increases the chances of a collision with oncoming traffic or drivers in another lane going the same direction being hit by someone who is texting and driving.

Although texting and the use of cell phones generally is probably most often the cause of distracted driving, there are other things that drivers do while operating a motor vehicle that constitute distracted driving:

  1. Adjusting climate control in the vehicle
  2. Drinking any beverage, not just alcohol
  3. Using earbuds - they can disrupt your ability to hear
  4. Eating while driving
  5. Grooming yourself while driving - this includes combing your hair, applying make-up, shaving
  6. Distractions by other passengers in the vehicle - getting involved in deep conversation with other passengers in the vehicle can break your concentration thereby causing you to be distracted from the roadway and other traffic
  7. Adjusting or setting your GPS - a GPS should be programmed before you get on the road. Trying to enter address information while operating the vehicle is as bad as texting while you are on the road
  8. Changing or setting radio stations
  9. Rubbernecking when you see an accident - everyone wants to see what happened
  10. Reading while driving - some drivers will have a book or newspaper resting on their steering wheel

Have you been injured in an accident due to distracted driving on the part of the at-fault driver? Did you know that cell phone records can be used to prove that the at-fault driving was using their cell phone to talk or text while operating their car on the roadway?

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