What Do I Do If I Get Arrested?

If you get arrested, there are a number of things you should not do. Never speak to a law enforcement officer without speaking to your attorneys first, and, ask for your attorney immediately. Never waive your right to remain silent.

After you are arrested, it is important that you protect your rights. It is your right to remain silent and not make statements that will incriminate you. Despite the fact that you might be tempted to say something that will straighten out what you perceive as a mistake or misunderstanding - don’t. Wait until you have contact Plotnick Law, P.A. – 1-727-577-3300. We can give you proper advice as to whether statements you make will incriminate you. Never rely on law enforcement to protect your rights or tell you how any statements you make will be interpreted. Be very clear, but polite, to the arresting officer that you will make no statements and answer no questions without counsel present.

Once a lawful arrest has occurred, law enforcement officers have the right to conduct a limited search of your property and person. They can conduct this search without a warrant provided that there is probable cause. This search is referred to as a “search incident to arrest” and the purpose is to ensure the safety of the arresting officers. Avoid any physical resistance to a search. If you believe the search is unreasonable or unwarranted, verbalize, and object to the search, but do not resist arrest because doing so will make the situation worse. If the search is illegal, advise your attorney who can bring the inappropriate manner in which the search was conducted to the attention of the State Attorney or the Court.

If the search uncovers items that could incriminate you, answer no questions regarding the item and make no attempt to explain its presence or how it came into your possession. Remember, do not answer any questions until you have spoken to an attorney and secured legal representation.

Try to make arrangements for bond and call Plotnick Law, P.A. – 1-727-577-3300 after you have been processed through booking. You will be allowed to make a telephone call to make arrangements for representation. Contact Plotnick Law, P.A. to attend your first court date. This will avoid delays and ensure your rights are protected. The sooner you hire Plotnick Law, P.A. the sooner we can take the necessary steps to preserve evidence, formulate a defense, interview witnesses and conduct an investigation on your behalf.

Being arrested is stressful and unnerving. It is best to stay calm, not resist, avoid too much conversation or the need to explain anything that you believe will get you out of the situation. Once you have been arrested, anything you say can and will be used against you. If you feel that any of your rights were violated during the arrest or search procedure, be sure to make your attorney aware of the circumstances of the arrest.

If you get arrested, call Marc Plotnick, Esquire of Plotnick Law, P.A. 1-727-577-3300. With nearly 24 years’ criminal experience, we know the law and are familiar with the procedures of conducting a proper arrest, search, and investigation.