What to Do If You Are Wrongfully Accused of Identity Theft

Identity theft has increased at least ten-fold over the past 10 - 15 years. We take safety precautions but still, identity theft runs rampant. People steal the identities of others intentionally for the purpose of taking advantage of their credit and financial resources by using social security numbers and other personal information that confirms their identity to a potential creditor. This is clearly an intentional criminal act that affects the individual whose identity has been stolen, and financial institutions that extend credit and financial benefits to the thief.

Often, identity theft starts online since many people shop online because of convenience and the time and expense involved in going to the store. You may have credit card numbers saved online with a merchant, and if someone gets into that account they will have access to spend your money - clearly an act of identity theft.

There are instances where a relative or friend might allow you to use a credit card to make a purchase. Or you could receive an unsolicited credit card in the mail. Without making sure it is your name on the card if you use that card that would be identity theft. Both of these instances are really a mistake, although in both cases you would be guilty of identity theft.

If you are accused by anyone - either a merchant, relative, another individual, or law enforcement of identity theft, contact an attorney immediately. Even if you are not guilty of identity theft and have proof contact an attorney.

Your attorney will review the case and the charges against and talk to you about what happened. Misunderstandings can be cleared up but it is best if it is done with the help of an attorney.

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