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Assault and battery cover a large range of crimes recognized in the State of Florida. These crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies and the severity of penalties differ based on the crime itself. Because the effects of a conviction can severely impact your life and your future, it’s important to get a St. Petersburg assault & battery lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

At Plotnick Law, our attorneys share 24 years of experience in criminal law. In fact, one of our attorneys served as a former prosecutor, an experience that he puts to work on his clients’ behalves. We are dedicated and aggressive and will thoroughly exhaust all possible avenues for your success. While no one can guarantee an outcome, we can guarantee the level of representation you will receive.

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Is Verbal Assault a Crime in Florida?

In Florida, verbal assault is crime under Florida Statute 784.011. An assault is an “intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such person that such violence is imminent". If someone threatens to harm you with an aggressive posture and you are in fear of being struck, then it is considered verbal assault.

Difference Between Assault & Battery Charges in FL

While often you hear the words assault and battery together, they indicate different charges.

Here is a simple breakdown of the difference between the two:

  • Assault: This occurs when one person intentionally threatens another person verbally or physically with violence. The victim must have had reasonable fear to believe the threat would be carried out
  • Battery: This occurs when one person intentionally strikes or touches another person against their will

Both of these charges are very serious and can lead to significant jail or prison time and other penalties. Many times, these issues arise in a self-defense situation that went wrong or when the alleged victim wants to exact revenge on another person through false charges. Whatever your case may be, our St. Petersburg assault and battery lawyers can devote the attention your case needs to fight to reduce or drop your charges.

In Florida, When Does an Assault Charge Become “Aggravated”?

An aggravated assault or battery charge carries more serious consequences than a basic assault or battery charge.

For an assault to be considered aggravated assault, a deadly weapon must have been involved. The prison sentence increases depending on what type of weapon was involved, i.e. a firearm versus a semi-automatic. If the victim was killed or greatly injured, penalties will increase as well.

For a battery charge to also be considered aggravated, the victim must have been a pregnant woman, a deadly weapon must have been involved, and/or the crime must have resulted in the victim’s death or in great bodily harm.

Can Battery Charges be Dropped in Florida?

In Florida, if you were arrested for battery then you can have the charges dropped because Florida law allows a one-time option to have your criminal record sealed or expunged. However, if you were convicted of a battery charge, you will most likely be forbidden from getting the arrest and charge off your record/criminal history. We can help you with this process that can seek to clear your name after the case is dismissed and improve your chances for future employment.

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The penalties for this crime are incredibly serious. Without a skilled defense lawyer on your side, you will likely receive the full brunt of the prosecution and face hefty prison time, fines, and more. The sooner you can get our experienced St. Petersburg assault & battery attorneys on your case, the sooner that we can begin building a strong defense on your behalf.

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