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Many domestic violence charges are brought on in the heat of the moment. Even if the alleged victim changes their mind, they cannot undo them. Because of the devastating consequences of a conviction, it is important to have someone in your corner as you navigate this issue.

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Types of Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence takes place when a violent act occurs between people who live together. Most often, these acts include spouses or family members, but roommates and significant others can press domestic violence charges as well.

Domestic violence can cover the following:

The severity of your penalties will depend on how injured the victim is, whether you have a history of domestic violence, whether a child was present, and whether you violated a restraining order.

How Domestic Violence Charges Affect Your Family Law Case

Immediately after you are charged with domestic violence, you will be placed under some sort of restraining order. This will impact whether you can remain at home, see or even speak to your children, and see or speak to your spouse or other family members.

Ultimately, a domestic violence conviction could have devastating effects on divorce or child custody cases that may be going on as well. If you are accused of child abuse, your child will be removed from your care and custody. Speak to one of our attorneys to discuss what your options are at this point and whether therapy, counseling, and social-worker monitored visitation could help you in your family law case.

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Acting as quickly as possible after you have been charged with domestic violence has the potential to positively affect your case. With a former prosecutor on your side, you can trust that your case will be strategically crafted and that you will receive experienced guidance throughout case proceedings.

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