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What is Manslaughter? Defining Manslaughter in Florida

The difference between manslaughter and murder lies primarily in the intent of the accused. If an individual premeditates killing someone else, then it is defined as murder. Manslaughter occurs more out of the heat of the moment or as the result of an accident, where the accused did not have any intention of killing someone.

Although manslaughter charges are differentiated from murder charges in that the death involved was an accident, many manslaughter cases are prosecuted fiercely. When you face these types of charges, it is absolutely necessary that you have a strong criminal defense team in your corner.

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Aggravated Manslaughter Defined

According to Florida statute 782.07, aggravated manslaughter is the resulting death of an elderly person, death of a minor, or the death of fire/rescue personnel due to culpable negligence. This can result in a first degree felony with up to life in prison/probation & a $10k fine.

The following are other forms of manslaughter:

  • Vehicular manslaughter: This happens when a person is driving and kills someone unintentionally but unlawfully due to a vehicle defect or recklessness
  • Voluntary manslaughter: This happens when one person kills another in the heat of the moment, without any planning beforehand
  • Involuntary manslaughter: This happens when one person acts in a negligent or reckless manner and someone is killed as a result

In some manslaughter cases, self-defense plays a role. You have the legal right to protect yourself from harm and can use deadly force if someone is trying to murder you or attempting to commit a felony in your home.

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