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During a divorce, one of the most difficult things to determine is child custody. First and foremost, the best interests of your children should guide this decision; however, things can get heated and perspectives can become skewed in court.

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What Factors Are Considered in Determining Child Custody?

In Florida, the default is to allow both parents to share parental responsibility, meaning that the parents share responsibilities and make decisions together. If parents cannot agree on major decisions in the child’s life, a judge may have to step in and give one parent sole parental responsibility.

The following factors are considered when determining child custody:

  • Whether the parent will allow the child to have consistent contact with the other parent
  • Whether the parent is capable of providing a stable home environment
  • Whether the parent can provide necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and care
  • Whether the parent is “morally fit”
  • Whether the parent has job security
  • Whether the parent has to travel regularly for his or her job
  • Whether the child has a strong emotional bond with the parent
  • Whether the parent has an intimate knowledge of the child’s preferences, health, education, etc…
  • Whether the parent has a history of abuse or neglect
  • Whether a third party will have to provide some of the parenting responsibilities
  • The home situation of a parent following a divorce
  • The child’s ties to the community and his or her school

Ideally, the child should have access to and a relationship with both parents. Even if one parent has sole parental responsibilities, the other parent should be included in the child’s life when it is in the child’s best interests.

Parenting Plans in Florida

Florida requires that both parents create a parenting plan to meet each individual child’s needs. This plan has to be as detailed as possible, although it cannot anticipate every circumstance.

Parenting plans include the following, and more:

  • Which parent is responsible for the child’s health care
  • How much time the child will spend with each parent (a time-sharing plan)
  • How each parent will share the daily duties of raising a child
  • How the parents will deal with any unexpected issues that arise
  • Which parent will make educational decisions
  • How pick-ups and drop-offs will work
  • Which parent will make extra-curricular decisions
  • What mode of communication each parent will use when the child is with the other parent

With the help of an attorney, you can discuss your child’s needs and determine what an effective parenting plan would look like.

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